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We are in the County town of Lewes in the South Downs National Park

Self catering studio accommodation in historic Lewes

Paul built the studio apartments as detached units driven by what he wanted when he was on the road himself.

Having spent years as a building company owner and constructor and contractor, the experience of pubs and hotels became unsatisfactory. The constraints of check in and check out, the limits to arrival and the feeling that one was in someone else's space.  He imagined what would be ideal, a space where you could enter at any time, eat when you wanted and even cook a meal yourself. Private space where no one was passing in a corridor outside. A space where you control the heating. Perhaps some food supplied so that you could get going in the morning without having to go out and shop, or face anyone else in the morning. This is how the studios were designed, to this brief. The concept has worked, over twenty years now we get many returning  visitors who appreciate the freedom this model gives.